BJGuitars creates replicas of Blue, Billie Joe Armstrong's most famous guitar.

     We currently have 10 different versions of the guitar on sale--including the latest seen on the REVOLUTION RADIO WORLD TOUR!  AND A NEW PINK VERSION OF BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!!

                                                    GET YOUR OWN  NOW!

It looks just like the real thing!

We have researched for countless hours to acquire stickers to make our replicas the best on the net! Even the red strap and black tape is included!

Selling BJ Guitars since 2005

We've sold to Green Day tribute bands, Green Day fans who are making their first purchase of an electric guitar, and people who just want to have a BJ guitar display.

Custom made initials

Customize your guitar by putting whatever initials you want! Same stickers, but personalized just for you at no extra cost!

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About BJ Guitars
THE FIRST TIME I SAW THE ORIGINAL BLUE was in 1994...I attended the Lollapalooza Festival in Charlestown, West Virginia.  At age 17, I was excited to see my favorite band “Smashing Pumpkins” perform at the end of the night, but would have to sit through the day long festival of bands including the opening band for the day— a band called “Green Day”.
Okay”, I thought, “This should be a good show”.  I knew that the cheesy cover band at my senior prom had sung one of Green Day’s songs about sitting around doing nothing, so these guys must be cool.
Three guys, not much older than me, walked out on stage.  One of them had blue hair, one of them had green hair, and one of them looked and acted like the hyper active kid that I always saw in class at school.  There was no real introduction to them and they had no commanding stage presence about them.  The one with blue hair had an old beat up blue guitar with stickers plastered haphazardly all over it and had the letters “BJ” in big bold red letters on the pickguard.
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Satisfied Customers
Thank you for your prompt service, I can't remember when I've ordered anything and had it arrive so quickly. -Sandy
I am very happy with my purchase, it's uncanny how a like the guitars are to the real thing! -Drew
Dude bro man. I don't know what else to say to you, man. I got MORE than I paid for! You are a master craftsman. You have taken a part of punk rock history and brought it down from the celestial cloud it so deservedly rests on....and made it just a touch away. I cannot thank you enough for your labor of love.
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